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alarm company monitoring

MORE: Amazon Cloud Cam vs. Nest vs. Ring vs. Netgear: Who Has the Best Camera Storage Plan?Also, to use Familiar Faces, you have to subscribe to Nest Aware, which starts at $5 per month. That subscription enables additional features, which we'll go into later. Other FeaturesThe Nest Hello can detect people, motion and sound. You can't adjust the sensitivity of the sound detection; it's either on or off. I got notifications of birds chirping first thing in the morning, when the neighborhood was otherwise quite quiet, but I didn't get notifications throughout the day about every car that went by. For motion, the camera can record a clip of all the motion it sees, but the app lets you choose to be notified only of people. This is a great feature — I certainly don't want a push notification every time a car goes by — and it worked very well. I never got a notification of a person that wasn't actually a person.

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