A customer will ask, ‘do you do thermostats?’ because they want to control the thermostat with the alarm system.

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Nevertheless they all promise the same which is to be the best security and safety system a home owner can have.


Completely useless if trying to id a vandal or package thief or to have a conversation with whoever was there because usually they weren't there but I couldn't tell since I couldn't see. I immediately went to their website, read through the FAQ, troubleshooting, and support info. I logged on my TP Link Archer C5 changed the channel bandwidth to 20Mhz and checked everything else was as they suggested. No luck. I changed my Cat5 cables to Cat6. Nothing. I tried getting a extender and putting it in the outlet next to the window where SkyBell sat. Same issues. I had my cable company come out and hook up a cable port in the room closest to SkyBell. No improvement. I cleared all other devices off of the 2.

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